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Wests Scarborough Rugby Union Club has produced a Business Directory for sponsors, Club members, and the wider community to promote their businesses. A constant question we get at the club, do we know someone that is a plumber, electrician, builder etc or where can I purchase an air conditioning unit, or buy a car, and even those looking for a house or rental property, some people require quotes for insurance. There are a whole host of products and services required in every day life. The only stipulation on the Business Directory will be that we cannot have any conflict with our club sponsors. Advertising costs $100 per year. Please contact Richard Hyde for further information on 0413 874 740.
Blu Grill
Good food is blu

Website Design
With the Combination of more than 35 years experience on Information Communication and Technologies, Creative Designers and Electronic Commerce, is a team of professional consultants whom have been helping many enterprises to succeed in their respective industry!

Healthy Club - A supporter of Wests Scarborough Rugby Union. Healthway seeks to promote and support healthy lifestyles to reduce the burden of preventable disease in Western Australia. The key priorities for Healthway are reducing harm from tobacco, reducing harm from alcohol, reducing obesity and promoting good mental health.

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